maths-tutor-bristol-in-action-mike-hollyhead-tutoringPrices start at £30 per hour* for 1:1 sessions and are based on:
  • academic level the tutoring is for
  • timing, duration and frequency of class
  • location of class and whether face-to-face or on-line
  • size of class (small group sessions of up to 4 people may be possible)
We are also be happy to provide a quotation for additional services such as:
  • assessment of mock exam papers (where exam has been undertaken at the student’s school)
  • invigilating and marking of mock exams
  • mentoring
  • exam submissions
  • careers advice in the field of engineering
  • or other related requirements you may have
terms and conditions apply   Call today for an informal chat about your specific requirements.  

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