maths-tutor-bristol-mike-hollyhead-tutoring-teaching-location I have worked with Mike for 2 great years. I found him to be highly intelligent, motivating and very helpful in Maths. He encouraged me to enhance my mathematical skills by giving me challenges which were beyond A-level. From these challenges I learned to apply sound logic to the crux of a problem and always have a visual aid (by sketching rough graphs), whilst tackling difficult problems in A-level Maths exam problems. The most advantageous aspect about working with Mike in Maths is learning more advanced and efficient techniques in certain modules that are an alternate to the techniques taught in college. For example, the alternate technique I learned to apply for integration by-parts problems saved me lots of valuable seconds in my C4 exam. Also as part of my A2 Maths I studied Mechanics one. I didn’t study A-level Physics and the only Physics I had done previously was GCSE Physics. Mike first tutored me the basic concepts of Mechanics and then the advanced concepts. He then coached me to effectively solve M1 exam problems of all manners that were deemed difficult by other students. In my M1 exam, I have achieved an A-grade. Not only is he a top- level tutor, but a wise mentor as well. He gave me thoughtful advice on how to deal with college stress and exam stress. Also ,he helped me with my personal statement by helping me with my grammar, making it flow better to the reader, sensibly structuring my statement and also giving me tips on which topics ( useful to my University course) to write in detail to impress the Universities of my choice. Just to put this in perspective, I spent 3 years in college and in my first year I didn’t study Maths. I received a B in GCSE Maths and in my second and third year of college I studied A-level Maths. At the start of my second year I thought to myself if I get a C in A-level Maths I would be happy. Shortly afterward, my mum introduced me to Mike. He motivated me to work hard, to believe in myself, to be hungry enough to get the top grades. Now I am writing this testimonial after achieving an A grade in A-level Maths and an A grade in my Further Pure. Also I am accepted at the University of Sheffield to study Chemical engineering Masters. Nid – A Level Student I have been informed by my tutor that I have passed Engineering Maths. I could not have done it without your help and support so you have my utmost thanks. As for work, my Engineering placement is going very well and my manager praised me for the work I’ve produced. I’ve taken your advice and they’ve now offered me a promotion. Once again, a huge thank you for persevering with me, steering me back on course and helping me achieve what I never thought I could! Engineering Trainee – Rolls Royce We are so pleased that we chose Mike as a tutor for our son. His teaching style is clear and straightforward and has definitely helped our son make progress with maths. He is meticulous and painstaking in his approach, with detailed feedback as to what our son needs to do in order to get the best chance of success in his exams. We needed someone to restore our son’s confidence in his ability to do maths; Mike has certainly done this and we would unreservedly recommend his services to anyone. Stephanie – Parent From the very first moment we met Mike I felt confident that we’d made a lucky find.  Joe lacked confidence with maths and Mike was quick to engage him, and make him feel at ease.  Mike focuses lessons to support whatever Joe is learning at school, and to re-visit anything that he’s particularly struggling with. Joe says ‘Mike explains and demonstrates everything to me in a way I understand.  He uses real life objects to explain a theory, making maths about more than just numbers. Mike makes maths enjoyable’. Over the past 12 months Joe’s grades in maths have improved from a C/D level to an A/B level and his confidence has grown immeasurably.  I can’t recommend Mike highly enough to anyone whose child would benefit from extra support.   Georgina – Parent I am happy to tell you that Joe got an A.  He is delighted, and the module he did least well in was statistics – the only bit you didn’t help him with.  So thank you once again for all your input. We’ll be in touch in the next couple of weeks about getting back in the swing for A2.  It’s now history that’s getting the chop!   Sharon – Parent The tutor sessions I have been having with Mike have been effective in hugely improving my mathematical abilities and have made me a lot more confident in using the maths tool kit essential for Physics. Whole topics, such as Simple Harmonic Motion, were covered in 2 hours, and I got a full understanding of them – which was lucky as this was worth 15 marks in the exam! In our few weeks working together we have also covered Nuclear Physics, Turning points and Thermal Physics. Mike teaches in a way which very much involves the student, which I found useful as you could work through things together and not simply through being dictated to, which again helped increase understanding of certain topics. He uses many ‘real life’ examples to help make his points clear, which I think is very much aided by his professional background, and is useful because it helps with questions which require application of knowledge.     I.D. – A Level Student

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